At the start of the millennium there seemed to be the promise of methods that would change the way we built software.

Model Driven Development promised an end to much of traditional software drudgery.

No longer would we have to hand code and manually test our applications. Instead we’d model them, push a button and as if by magic a fully working application would appear.

As if by magic…

Well it hasn’t quite worked out like that has it?

Writing code is still largely a bespoke manual process. …

Recently the team I work for has been working with serverless technologies. Specifically our team has been implementing a new and simpler method of processing the many millions of records generated when our audiences interact with BBC online services. This provides insight into how people are utilizing BBC services with the aim of ensuring that everybody gets value from our output. While the pros of the new approaches are compelling, we have also been reminded to consider the limitations of these technologies and how they may impact the security of our services.

Continuous change

During our relatively short time on this project…

Neil Crofts

Senior Architect, BBC Audience Platform

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